men installing a wood floor

I wanted to tell you how much I LOVE MY FLOORS ! I so appreciate your commitment to craftsmanship and quality as every day I feel pride and pleasure in the beauty you restored to my home."
Bill H., Pleasant Hill CA


In times past, it was widely held that the only way to resurface a floor was to sand down to the original surface. Craftcare is a National Wood Flooring Association certified sander / finisher and, when necessary, still employs this resurfacing method. With new technologies and maintenance techinques however, gentler, less invasive methods can achieve results comparable to sanding, but without all the noise, dust and displacement.


If your home has a floor that needs replacement, or if your home is brand new and doesn't yet have a floor, Craftcare can install one for you.

Installation includes removing existing flooring (if any), preparation of subfloors, laying new flooring, sanding, finishing and reattaching baseboards and shoe moulding.

Craftcare is a National Wood Flooring Association certified installer.


Routine maintenance, cleaning, dusting and vacuuming, are things that most homeowners prefer to do on their own. When something beyond the ordinary is called for, however, Craftcare is there.

Using state of the art equipment and specially formulated cleaning solutions, Craftcare technicians can perform a deep-down cleaning on your hardwood floors, dramatically improving appearance and enhancing longevity.


Craftcare owner Bryan McCue has been working in the hardwood flooring industry since 1985, and has successfully completed certification as a sander / finisher, an installer, and as an NWFA Inspector, qualified to conduct assessments of and to testify as an expert witness in matters pertaining to wood flooring materials and workmanship.

All NWFACPs are expected to abide by the NWFA Code of Conduct.